Kickie Chudikova

Product and furniture designer with a passion for color.

New York based Industrial designer Kickie Chudikova specializes in creating distinctive products, furniture and lights with the aim of bringing a spark of joy into people's lives. 

Design Process



Every project starts with an idea in my mind that evolves from an abstract thought into tangible designs, through sketches and material moodboards.




Form and shape play an important role. Yet it goes beyond mere aesthetics to ensure that the design serves its intended function effectively and resonates with its audience on a deeper level.




Striking the optimal balance between forms, colors, and finishes is crucial for the success of a product. Each element plays a vital role in shaping the overall aesthetic appeal within a broad audience.



Kickie Chudikova is a NY based Industrial designer, specialized in designing products, furniture, and lighting. Balancing her expertise in between Industrial Design & Craft, Kickie is captivated by the timeless beauty of raw materials like glass, iron, porcelain or marble and empowering of cutting-edge technology. Having a strong eye for detail, Kickie believes in the enduring value of well - designed products, to be passed on to next generations. Passionate about color, she uses bold hues in her work.

Widely exhibited around the globe, she is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards. Apart from her studio practice founded in 2020, she is a frequent design guest lecturer and public speaker. Kickie graduated from University of Applied Arts in Vienna with a Masters Degree in Industrial Design. She was born and raised in Bratislava, Slovakia. 


2023 I The Lamp Show Head Hi, NYC

2022 I DESIGN DIALOGUES Design Burger, Milano

2022 I INSECTUM Alcova,Milano 

2022 I IMPACT x DESIGN Spiral of Life,  NYC x Design

2022 I MELT ADORNO @HNH Gallery,  NYC x Design

2021 I Jonald Dudd  NYC x Design

2021 I Threads That Bind BWAC, Brooklyn NYC

2021 I Fragile Concrete Unité d’Habitation Le Corbusier, France

2021 I Inside~Out In the Garden, Brooklyn NYC

2020 I Inside~Out NYC Virtual Show

2020 I Palais Gallerie Neuchatel, Switzerland 35 vases - 35 Bouquets

2020 I Antilia Gallery Italy - Don’t Try this at Home

2019 I Paris Design Week  Paris, France - 1000 Vases BYOB

2017 I Q21 MuseumQuartier Vienna, Austria - Q Totem

2016 I Vienna Design Week  Austria - Mag Des Ding, Objektas

2015 I Clerkenwell Design Week London UK - Handle with Care


2022 I NYU Human-Centered Product Design Studio 

2022 I Eastern Design Conference Design & Work  

2021 I New Lab NYC Friday Special Creative Workshop 

2021 I OTH Regensburg Daily Special Creative Workshop

2020 I The New School Lecture on Totems &  Creativity

2017 I Montclair State University Lecture on Object Design

2017 I Montclair State University Guest Lecture on Design & Beauty



2023 I Kyoto Global Design Awards - Best 100 

2023 I Interior Design Best of Year Awards - Finalist

2022 I IMPACT X DESIGN  Spiral of Life

2021 I Parmigianno Reggiano Design Challenge, Love Birds 


Get in Touch

Kickie seeks to collaborate with people and companies interested in innovative solutions, enthusiastic to create something distinctive and unseen with a  positive impact on people and the environment.

Open for collaborations and projects of all shapes, get in touch!


Kickie Chudikova I Studio, Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York 



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Industrial Design
Product Design

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