Kickie Chudikova

Product and furniture designer with a passion for color.

Design Approach

Kickie Chudikova's design aesthetic is characterized by sculptural shapes and vibrant colors, with the aim of bringing a spark of joy into peoples lives.

 Kickie Chudikova




My design language is defined by sculptural yet balanced forms. It's all about finding that sweet spot where form meets function in a way that feels both elegant and inviting. I enjoy creating pieces that are visually intriguing yet approachable, where each curve and line encourage you to explore and discover something new.

Bold Hues

Color is my passion, and I believe it holds the power to forge deep emotional connections. In my work, I embrace bold hues to infuse spaces with vibrancy and vitality, aiming to evoke feelings of excitement and warmth. Each color choice is deliberate annd carefully selected. It's about making a visual statement that resonates on a deeply emotional level.


Spark of Joy

My ultimate aim is to bring more beauty into this world, igniting a spark of joy with something unseen and unique in each of my creations. I believe that beauty has the power to enhance our lives, to uplift our spirits, and to inspire us to see the world in new and wondrous ways. Objects that not only catch the eye but also touch the soul, leaving a lasting impression. 

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