ESCAL Black Side Table – Black steel matt – Black marble – Brass bowl2


The ESCAL side table is a piece of design full of poetry. With its own personality, it balances harmonious fine lines with geometrical shapes that suggest a look of an art piece, yet maintaining a contemporary design feeling. The combination of metal finishes, reflect the monochrome marble textures and black and white accents. ESCAL is specially designed to occupy modern spaces and give a touch of authenticity to the most conceptual interior design places.

Client: Farell



MYRA _ ESCAL family image_
MYRA Mirror – Black version mov5


MYRA is a delicate design piece with a clean aesthetics. The balance of theshapes, selection of materials and its fine silhouette give it an importance, that exceeds being a commercial product - rather it enters the exclusive field of Art Design. The combination of metal finishes,gold and silver reflect the monochrome marble textures and black and white accents. Essentially MYRA expresses the transgressive spirit and clearly minimalist message.

Client: Farell




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